ieroplaceable answered your question: reply with a pairing and i will write a short fic

frerard please

It was about 4am when Frank felt the covers lift off his bunk. The cold autumn air swept in and chilled his naked torso, but he soon felt Gerard’s warm body mimicking the curves of his back.

“Another nightmare?” Frank whispered sleepily.

“Yep,” but Gerard’s voice didn’t sound afraid. Frank knew he was lying when he felt Gerard’s lips on his neck, slightly chapped but warm. Gerard’s hand slid into the waist of Frank’s boxers, and Frank felt a chill move through him.

He rolled over, staring at Gerard’s lips; wanting to control his desires for the sake of the band but he couldn’t control himself. He kissed Gerard hard, practically jamming his tongue into his’s mouth, and Gerard didn’t hesitate to kiss back. The moved their lips in perfect harmony, until eventually, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, overcome with fatigue.