amazing that there are living humans out there who have chosen to label other groups of people “justice warriors” and align themselves as directly opposed to them. opposed to justice. look in the mirror. tell yourself “i hate justice”. do you feel like a batman villain yet.

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tony abbott: *comes to australia as an immigrant on a boat, had free university education*
tony abbott: so i wanna talk about two things i am really against

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a girl told me that i dont have a boyfriend because im “a slut” and “guys dont like sluts” which is funny because i thought i didnt have one because im gay 

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Please don’t use my body, or pictures, or entire persona as a “what I never want to be” example, because that’s super fucking shitty and you have no idea what I’ve had to go through in life, and how humiliating and degrading it is to be your idea of a horrible life choice.

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